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Adjustable Air Helper Suspension Kits

  • Adjustable Air Helper Suspension Kits
  • Adjustable Air Helper Suspension Kits
  • Adjustable Air Helper Suspension Kits
  • Adjustable Air Helper Suspension Kits


Price : Price On Call
Type : Sell
Date : May 29, 2018
Warranty : Yes
Location : 600 Umbilo Road, Glenwood, Berea, South Africa

Why AIRMAX Air Helper Springs?

Any vehicle’s suspension is compromised right from day 1, coming from the factory. With any Steel Suspension or Steel Suspension upgrade there is a compromise between Load Carrying Capacity and a Comfortable drive, especially in un-loaded conditions. Loaded or un-loaded, AIRMAX Air Helper Springs allows you maximum adjustability to give you the ride and handling you want when you want it. 


•By adjusting the air pressure inside the Airmax air helper springs the suspension can be adjusted to your requirements.

•Increases vehicle stability – absorbing road shocks for a softer ride.

•Improves Steering, balance and braking effectiveness.

•Prevents “bottoming” out and reduces suspension fatigue.

•The air pressure can be adjusted to match the load.

•Maintains a level vehicle and allows for off-centre loads.

•Levels headlight beams, especially when vehicle is fully loaded.

•Reduces Tyre wear.


The basic helper spring kit is installed on its own and is adjusted manually at any service station or with a portable compressor. Each air spring is inflated via 1 or 2 tyre valves installed at a convenient place on your vehicle, such as the fender or close to the Tow-bar arrangement. With 1 tyre valve (left and right air springs “T” together) the vehicle can be levelled back to rear and with 2 tyre valves (each air spring inflated separately) the vehicle can be levelled back to front and left to right.


Cab Controls can be installed with the basic helper spring kit, in conjunction with a 12V on board compressor. This allows you to inflate / deflate the system from the luxury of your Driver seat.

Single Cab Control has one paddle switch and allows you to inflate/deflate the system and levels the vehicle from front to rear.

Dual Cab control has two paddle switches and allows you to inflate/deflate the system and level the vehicle from front to rear and from left to right.


This kit is normally fitted where operators also requires sufficient Air to inflate tyres. An Air Tank is fitted between the 12V Compressor and the Cab Control and together with a Pressure Switch the Air tank is kept at a Pressure of 8 Bar. A quick coupler with hose pack will allow for “Air on Demand” when required. Please note that this kit can also be fitted WITHOUT the Cab Control’s that allows you to inflate the Air springs from the Air tank Via the Hose pack.

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 Chris Scott 

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